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Wilder – Birds of a Feather #1

As usual – I draw what I write…
Wilder is available for preorder on Amazon!


Wilder – release November 2016

“When you find this, I am gone. My hope is that you are my kin and that the blood of the fire dragons run strong in your soul. Know that our prophecies are honest and true. Heed the words and honor your heritage. I am Vildman, ruler of the fire dragons in the North. Make me proud.”


Love me – love my dogs…

I love my dogs. A lot. Perhaps slightly less at 4.35 AM, though.

dogcartoon wake up

Drawing eyes

Tapping away on Wilder and since I’m back to the Dreughan, I’m also back to drawing dragons. Tried to draw Drake, again, and failed – again. One day I’ll make that guy justice, in the mean time I’m trying out different kinds of eyes…



Fun and relaxing to shift focus a little from writing, interviews and guest blogs – so changed one pen to the other… Here’s a sneak-peek on my next project!


Awkward moments

Me – when I get out of the shower and find my two dogs staring at my naked body. Awkward…


A lazy Sunday afternoon

The daughters are in Copenhagen for the day, the husband is brewing beer with his buddies, there are fewer deadlines than usual looming – so I thought I’d have a lazy afternoon…


For those who remember Jackson from before, yes, he has /mostly/ realized that he has to actually let go of the ball for me to be able to throw it.