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Me – when I looked at the Amazon Free best seller list

Okay, so I released a new version of the Dreughan books, and since the covers looked so pretty I decided to celebrate. So I made Courage free on Amazon for a few days, and it just took off!

Last I looked it was #61 on the overall free download list and #8 of all Teen& YA books!
It’s still free so if you haven’t – go get it on AMAZON!


To everyone who┬ároots for me and my book on social media – huge thanks for all the posts and tweets! Love you guys!!

And… those who has been around me for a while will recognize that this is indeed my Bieberface – but really? There are only so many faces a girl can make on momentous occasions, LOL!

Awkward moments

Me – when I get out of the shower and find my two dogs staring at my naked body. Awkward…



Me – when someone told me that I really ought to have a “social media strategy”…

I don’t even know what that is. Do I post happy things on Tuesdays, but only on Facebook unless it’s about my dogs in which case I also post on Twitter? And then something about a book of mine every Thursday at 5pm, although absolutely not if it’s raining or I’ve had pasta for dinner the day before? I am sceptical…