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Friday’s ramble: two big dogs, lack of privacy and a soggy tennis ball

There are two big, black dogs in my life.

Oh, yeah, I have two teenage daughters and a husband as well – but somehow they never seem to take up nearly as much space as our dogs.

My dogs don’t do lonely very well. Or to be honest, not at all.

You know those last precious minutes just before the alarm goes off in the morning? That’s when one, or both of them, puts their snout under my sheets and snorts, repeatedly. I’m not a morning person, but just about any attention is amazing to them, so they simply laugh at my angry growls and keep at it until I get up.

They’re the kind of dogs that won’t leave my side, and that’s wonderfully, breathtakingly heartwarming. Until I have to visit the bathroom, and they sit there in front of me, staring curiously. It’s also a really weird feeling to walk out of the shower to find both of them staring at my naked body. What’s even weirder is that I still get embarrassed by it, and cover up with a towel. Also, you know how it’s nicer to let your body lotion dry off before putting clothes on? Well, my dogs love lotion, so either I hurry getting dressed, or they’ll lick it off.

Cooking is an interesting experience, with them trailing behind me between sink, counter, and stove. Did I mention that they’re big? I’m sure you can imagine what it’s like when I’m in a hurry, rushing around in the kitchen with a blur of black dogs around my feet.

One of them likes to keep his head on my lap when I sit at the kitchen table, and he can stand there through a whole meal, just resting his big head softly on my leg. Looking down, I invariably find him watching me, and there’s such endless adoration in those eyes that most of the time I can’t make myself push him away, even though they’re not allowed at the table when we eat.

I’m convinced that they have one big brain-cell each, and it’s either on… or it’s off.

When it comes to finding or obtaining food, they’re incredibly clever. Suddenly, they can open doors and drawers without any problems at all, and we have yet to find a puzzle-toy that they haven’t figured out in no time at all.

Then when I pretend to toss a ball without releasing it, they run like crazy through our back yard, searching frantically for it. Finally, they come back looking happily at my hand holding the ball. “Fantastic, there it is!” they seem to think. So I fake-throw again, and off they go…

They’re certainly not the kind of dogs that fits everyone, but I can’t imagine life without them, and there’s one thing I know for sure – life is never boring when you have dogs like ours.

Now the weekend is coming up, and since autumn has hit Scandinavia the weather ranges from cold and wet to… colder and wetter. It doesn’t matter to our dogs, so I know I’ll spend a chunk of time in a raincoat, tossing a ball or just goofing around, and loving it!

Whatever plans y’all have for the weekend – hope you have a good one!


Hope in bright colors

The fantastic artist Mónica put her pens to one of my coloring pages, and wow – isn’t the result amazing!? I love!

Check her out on Instagram at _love_coloring



Friday’s ramble: the great mysteries in life

People sometimes ask how I come up with the stories I write, and I usually answer quite honestly that I have no clue. Secretly, I find the questions a bit baffling because to me, everyday life is full of mysteries and I just write some of them down.

Take my dogs, for example. How can they poop more than what we actually feed them? The number of bags we buy to clean up after them is so embarrassing that I alternate stores to get them from, to avoid the raised eyebrows I get from the clerks if I don’t.

How can it be that my teenage daughters are absolutely exhausted every time it’s time to wash up after dinner when they can walk around a shopping mall for hours?

Where do half of all socks I put in the washing machine go? Is there a separate universe for odd socks somewhere? Who lives there? A bunch of one-legged aliens?

Why does my left foot twitch slightly when I get an itch on the back of my right shoulder? And why does it always start to itch there just when I painted the nails on my left hand? Is there perhaps a deity somewhere who enjoys watching me as I’m twisting into a pretzel, trying futilely to scratch?

If my car is low on gas – why is that always when I’m late for a meeting?

Sometimes emails just disappear, never to be seen again, but where do they go? Is there a universal mailbox for randomly lost emails, and does someone monitor that? Who works there? Is it perhaps the one-legged aliens?

When I’m running, why will my shoe laces never come loose when I’m exhausted and need a short break? Why does it always happen when I have a good run, feeling strong and fast?

How can it be that we all like honey when, in reality, it’s partially digested bee-vomit?

Why is yawning contagious? It also seems that it’s not only spreading to other humans because my dogs yawn when I do. Does that then mean that it’s contagious to other animals? Could I make frogs yawn? Or fish?

Why do I always open my mouth when I put on mascara?

I could go on forever, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll go back to my desk and continue re-writing and correcting ‘Wilder’ because – yay! – first draft is done!

Have a nice weekend y’all!

How I know summer is over

Autumn has come to Scandinavia, and it isn’t cold exactly but there’s a chill in the air, which means that we don’t leave the back door open all day long. It also means that I’m facing this, all day long…


Love me – love my dogs…

I love my dogs. A lot. Perhaps slightly less at 4.35 AM, though.

dogcartoon wake up

Me – when I looked at the Amazon Free best seller list

Okay, so I released a new version of the Dreughan books, and since the covers looked so pretty I decided to celebrate. So I made Courage free on Amazon for a few days, and it just took off!

Last I looked it was #61 on the overall free download list and #8 of all Teen& YA books!
It’s still free so if you haven’t – go get it on AMAZON!


To everyone who roots for me and my book on social media – huge thanks for all the posts and tweets! Love you guys!!

And… those who has been around me for a while will recognize that this is indeed my Bieberface – but really? There are only so many faces a girl can make on momentous occasions, LOL!

The smell of a proof copy

…is pretty amazing. A few small tweaks and we’re good to go!

CD_proof copy

Drawing eyes

Tapping away on Wilder and since I’m back to the Dreughan, I’m also back to drawing dragons. Tried to draw Drake, again, and failed – again. One day I’ll make that guy justice, in the mean time I’m trying out different kinds of eyes…



Fun and relaxing to shift focus a little from writing, interviews and guest blogs – so changed one pen to the other… Here’s a sneak-peek on my next project!


Awkward moments

Me – when I get out of the shower and find my two dogs staring at my naked body. Awkward…