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Me and the boys

I often make fun of my life with our two big dogs, and life is pretty hilarious around our boys – but the truth is that most of the time it’s like this…dogcartoon-sitting_fb

How I know summer is over

Autumn has come to Scandinavia, and it isn’t cold exactly but there’s a chill in the air, which means that we don’t leave the back door open all day long. It also means that I’m facing this, all day long…


Love me – love my dogs…

I love my dogs. A lot. Perhaps slightly less at 4.35 AM, though.

dogcartoon wake up

Midsummer day

Midsummer day is somehow always the day after Midsummer eve… so it’s ‘do as little as possible-day’ at our house. Even the dogs know this.


A lazy Sunday afternoon

The daughters are in Copenhagen for the day, the husband is brewing beer with his buddies, there are fewer deadlines than usual looming – so I thought I’d have a lazy afternoon…


For those who remember Jackson from before, yes, he has /mostly/ realized that he has to actually let go of the ball for me to be able to throw it.