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Going… somewhere?

After a short, unplanned break – I decided that my next project would be a story about Kitty and the others in Nowhere. This time, Kitty and her two friends settle into a calm and uneventful life…. Just kidding! Shit will hit the fan from all angles this time too, and I think it’s safe to say that there will be f-bombs and an embarrassing display of genitals also in this book. And a few birds and babies. Oh, yeah – and a canoe.

Tentative release is sometimes this summer.


Hit a snag with this one so it has been pushed until after the next Kitty Brown book, which would be autumn…

When you’re really, really clever, and has done something incredibly stupid; How do you forgive yourself?

This will be a second book in the Islands series, featuring Jamie, who got swept away by the sea in the Birds of a Feather series.

Draft blurb:

Deciding to survive was the easy part for both of them. Everything that comes after is difficult.

Bella is a wimp. She knows it and can’t seem to find a good enough reason so stand up for herself, neither with her overbearing family nor with her colleagues. She reluctantly agrees to go on a family cruise, and ends up a castaway, all alone on an island in the middle of the ocean.

Jamie. That’s the name echoing in his mind and he can’t make it stop. He’s living all alone on an island and he doesn’t know much, but everything inside him screams at him to stay away from the water. Stay away from people. Above all, he knows one thing. He doesn’t deserve to live.

Thrown together, holding on to each other when everything and everyone around them is difficult – will they find a way?

What’s next?

Learned my lesson and won’t make any predictions as to what my messy brain will come up with.

Another book in the Islands series?
Yet another book about Kitty and the others in Nowhere?
What about Kit from the Birds of a Feather series – what happened to him?

Or what about an idea that keeps bouncing around in my head about a girl who wants to be normal. Except she isn’t because she’s a… uh-uh-uh – not telling yet 😉

I don’t know right now so I can’t tell you…

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