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Bitter Sweet Street (Released December 13, 2017)

Angelica “Angie” Parker earned the right to be bitter when she walked into a conference room and found her husband of twenty plus years on top of a twenty-something girl.

Not in the mood to believe that she’d seen what she saw, Angie immediately decides that it’s high time to take care of the house in a small town in the Rockies she inherited from her estranged aunt a while back. When she gets there, her cute neighbor Louise hands her the keys to the property and, followed by the strange chirping sound from a tree outside, Angie walks inside to /try to/ ignore the nightmare that is her life, and face her poop-colored house.

Follow Angie’s journey through renovations and revelations in the second stand-alone short story about the people on Sweet Street.

 Reaper (Planned release February 2018)
Birds of a Feather #5

Final book in the series, not telling who’s story this is, but maybe you can guess…?

Sea born (Planned release 2018)

Some people in my books has so much to share they get their own story, and I have a few planned. They will be standalone and not part of the series they first appeared in, and the first one out is a guy from Black Snow – Joao Torres, chief of police on a small island far out in the ocean.

It was supposed to be easy (Planned release 2018)

Angelica, Angie, Parker is forty plus. Okay, strictly speaking, she’s forty plus-plus, and unless you count her newly acquired dog who seems to think he’s more human than anything else, she’s also single.

Angie is rebuilding her life after divorcing her philandering fool of a husband, and she fumbles her way through dates and lawn mower repairs, trying to figure out what she wants to do with the rest of her life. It quickly becomes clear to her that looking forward without understanding the past isn’t a good thing, though. Especially not when the past holds secrets.

Then the small town in the Rockies needs her help, and suddenly Angie has choices to make; Small town life or the big city? Zacharias? Mickey? Or perhaps Stewart deservers a second chance…