Coming Soon

 Black Snow (Released October 24 2017)
Birds of a Feather #4

Snow’s story, about grief and joy, and learning to lean on the ones who are there to help. Oh, and also about a couple of cool dudes, and strange things happening in the waters around the Islands…

Bitter Sweet Street (Release December 2017)

Another short story about Sweet Street and the people there. This one is about Angie, and she has reasons to be upset.

 Reaper (Planned release early 2018)
Birds of a Feather #5

Final book in the series, not telling who’s story this is, but maybe you can guess…?

Sea born (Planned release 2018)

Some people in my book has so much to share they get their own story, and I have a few planned. They will be standalone and not part of the series they first appeared in, and the first one out is a guy from Black Snow – Joao Torres, chief of police on a small island far out in the ocean.