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Release day – Runes of Fate!

Today we celebrate Midsummer Eve in Sweden, a tradition that dates back to the age of the Vikings, and possibly longer than that – so I thought it would be a fitting day to release Runes of Fate!

I hope you all enjoy reading about Sissa and the others in the little Viking village!

Happy Midsummer!



Cleaning away

Release date for Runes of Fate is coming up soon and I’m sorting through all my research notes, sketches, and drafts –  filing it with relief but also sadness. A few other stories to write, but then I’ll return to my Vikings again, absolutely!

I had so many pictures from our local Viking village that I had to add some as extra material for Runes of Fate – you find it here:

Runes of Fate – Cover!

Here’s the cover for my next story – release date June 24th!

As usual, I couldn’t keep my fingers away from the pens, but I have to say that I love how it turned out! What do you think?


Lunch with the Vikings

A bit of a sacrilege perhaps – but armed with burger & fries from the nearby fast food place, me and my sketch pad had lunch in a bona fide Viking village a couple of days ago…



Took another look into “Sissa’s house”, “the shed they kept Heidrun in” and a few other places… and you have to agree that the view was lovely!?

Scientific approach

My ‘scientific’ approach to murder… hopefully it will all tie together nicely in the end?
Hm, we shall see.


If the phone doesn’t ring – it’s me

Tap-tap-tapping away on my Viking mystery.
Have been reading up on Viking food and we actually still eat some of the dishes in Sweden. I don’t like nettle-soup now and I’m pretty darn sure I wouldn’t have liked it back then either so, of course, Sissa has to hate it…