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Here she is, finally – meet Annie… Last one out in the Birds of a Feather series, will she be the one who captures the devil?


Available now!



Happy Birthday to me :)

Picture this is released!


My sweet Mary and all the crap life decides to throw at her is now on Amazon, so today I’ll celebrate – both my book’s and my own birthday :)


Happy day – Sweet Water is released

Finally – my lovely genius Jinx and her story is out there!

Read more on Amazon, or here.

Hope you enjoy – I’ll celebrate for a little while, and then I’ll get back to the typewriter… Mary’s story is next :)




Wilder – Release day!

Finally – Wilder is now available on Amazon:

Haven’t read the series this story spins off from? Take the opportunity to grab Courage, Reason and Joy – they are only .99c each during December!


Release day – Runes of Fate!

Today we celebrate Midsummer Eve in Sweden, a tradition that dates back to the age of the Vikings, and possibly longer than that – so I thought it would be a fitting day to release Runes of Fate!

I hope you all enjoy reading about Sissa and the others in the little Viking village!

Happy Midsummer!



Runes of Fate – Cover!

Here’s the cover for my next story – release date June 24th!

As usual, I couldn’t keep my fingers away from the pens, but I have to say that I love how it turned out! What do you think?


47 Sweet street

Now available on Amazon Kindle and in the iTunes Store!


Louise loves her life. Except, maybe things aren’t so fantastic all the time?

Nin hates her life, and college can’t start fast enough. But, being on her own also seem kind of scary, and her mom wants her to get a boring business degree…