Sissa Raudulfsdatter

Sissa Raudulfsdatter is a historical series set in the age of the Vikings. Sissa, the daughter of

Sissa, the daughter of thralls, of slaves, has a fantastic ability to figure things out. When bad things happen she often finds herself involved in solving the mystery.

The series mixes classic murder mysteries with the life of a girl in the Viking era, adding her hopes and dreams of freedom and a good life. Only time will tell if the deities of fate, the Norns, will spin the threads of her life into a web that includes the boy she thought she knew or the boy she thought she lost, or if there will be someone completely different in her future…

In book one in the series, Runes of Fate, we meet Sissa and the people around her, starting on the evening she’s supposed to be sacrificed to the gods. When they find out that someone else is sacrificed instead, Sissa becomes instrumental in solving the mystery.
Runes of Fate is released June 24, 2016.

Shards of Love will be book two in the series, planned for early 2017.