Kitty Brown

Kitty Brown is half werewolf, half which, and she lives in a small town called Nowhere.
So far, so good.

Kitty’s best friends are Elsa, the unicorn, and Joel, the widget. They’ve known each other forever, and when shit hits the fan, Kitty can always count on her friends to have her back.
So far, still good, right?

Then there’s Grandma Hazel, who is a hippiesque, outrageous witch. And Grandpa Hunter who is a lecherous, but well past his best consume before date werewolf.
Jackson Vik-Hansen, the werewolf next door.
Rafael, the dark sex-on-legs stranger.
Biff Brown, Kitty’s father, and local werewolf alpha.
Janie Cameron-Brown, stepmother, and werebear.
The triplets, the hookers, the bikers, and one regular regular.
And that’s when things get dicey…


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INSTAFREEBIE (Prolific Works as they’re called now)