Birds of a Feather

Birds of a Feather flock together…

When Wilder‘s beloved grandfather dies it kicks off a series of events. Wilder discovers that her father isn’t the slick, unpleasant man her mother was married to. Her father is Hawker Johns, a man with an ancient legacy and a group of men and women around him that uses  all their abilities to protect the world around them.

Then Wilder’s genius friend, Jiminella “Jinx” Sweetwater, moves to Marshes, to get away from a life she can’t handle anymore and to work on the crystal Wilder found in the mountains. When Jinx is attacked she has to trust in herself, but also in Dante, the man who has held her up through her struggle to cope with everything.

The next book in the series is Picture this, telling Mary’s story about being resiliant even if life just keeps slapping you in the face. It’s a story with humor and heart about being kidnapped, falling for the wrong man, and finding a place to call home.

The series will continue with Black Snow, October 2017, and end with Reaper, planned for early 2018.



Click on the cover to read a prequel, about how the girls in the three first books met: