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Hey – I had to take an unplanned break from typing for a while, but I’m back at my keyboard again now, and since this is what I’ve been drawing lately, some of you might guess where I’m heading next!

Kitty and the others will indeed be back – release is tentatively set to this summer, and until then there will be giveaways and other fun stuff coming…

If you missed the first book about Kitty, then links to where you pick it up (it’s FREE) are here:

For those of you waiting for Sea swept, it’s in the works too, but release is pushed forward to autumn…


Thanksgiving in Nowhere

Huge thanks to everyone who has shared with me in various ways that you enjoyed Kitty and the others in Nowhere!

If anyone wants to know what goes on at a Thanksgiving dinner in Nowhere, then click on the link below…

Thanksgiving in Nowhere



Seaborn is available for pre-order

Seaborn is available for pre-order and release date is set to August 20!

… and I absolutely love this cover!!





Here she is, finally – meet Annie… Last one out in the Birds of a Feather series, will she be the one who captures the devil?


Available now!



Black Snow!

Black Snow is released!


Everyone knows Snow’s parents died a long time ago, and she has perfected her happy smile and girly giggle so no one suspects that she hides a darker side of herself deep inside. No one, except her bird – and Nick, who always seems to know how she feels…




Ever wondered how the friends from the first three books in the Birds of a Feather series met?

I wrote  a short prequel, a Birds of a Feather 0.5, which tells that story – you can read it here on my page, or on Wattpad, or click on one of the links below to download in ePub or mobi format.


Girlfriends – Lena North: MOBI
Girlfriends – Lena North: ePub

Happy Birthday to me :)

Picture this is released!


My sweet Mary and all the crap life decides to throw at her is now on Amazon, so today I’ll celebrate – both my book’s and my own birthday :)


Picture this

Here’s another cover I love-love-love!


Picture this is released June 29th
Read more here… or preorder here!