Friday’s ramble: the great mysteries in life

People sometimes ask how I come up with the stories I write, and I usually answer quite honestly that I have no clue. Secretly, I find the questions a bit baffling because to me, everyday life is full of mysteries and I just write some of them down.

Take my dogs, for example. How can they poop more than what we actually feed them? The number of bags we buy to clean up after them is so embarrassing that I alternate stores to get them from, to avoid the raised eyebrows I get from the clerks if I don’t.

How can it be that my teenage daughters are absolutely exhausted every time it’s time to wash up after dinner when they can walk around a shopping mall for hours?

Where do half of all socks I put in the washing machine go? Is there a separate universe for odd socks somewhere? Who lives there? A bunch of one-legged aliens?

Why does my left foot twitch slightly when I get an itch on the back of my right shoulder? And why does it always start to itch there just when I painted the nails on my left hand? Is there perhaps a deity somewhere who enjoys watching me as I’m twisting into a pretzel, trying futilely to scratch?

If my car is low on gas – why is that always when I’m late for a meeting?

Sometimes emails just disappear, never to be seen again, but where do they go? Is there a universal mailbox for randomly lost emails, and does someone monitor that? Who works there? Is it perhaps the one-legged aliens?

When I’m running, why will my shoe laces never come loose when I’m exhausted and need a short break? Why does it always happen when I have a good run, feeling strong and fast?

How can it be that we all like honey when, in reality, it’s partially digested bee-vomit?

Why is yawning contagious? It also seems that it’s not only spreading to other humans because my dogs yawn when I do. Does that then mean that it’s contagious to other animals? Could I make frogs yawn? Or fish?

Why do I always open my mouth when I put on mascara?

I could go on forever, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll go back to my desk and continue re-writing and correcting ‘Wilder’ because – yay! – first draft is done!

Have a nice weekend y’all!

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